EcoCAR2: Plugging In to the Future



MathWorks provides complimentary software for this competition. If your team is participating in this competition and would like to request software contact us.

Training Resources

Connect to resources that help you at each stage in the workflow for your EcoCAR2 design:

EcoCAR2: Plugging In to the Future is a three-year competition in which student teams reduce the environmental impact of a Chevrolet Malibu without compromising performance, safety, and consumer acceptability. Applying Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink products lets your team efficiently develop control, signal processing, and image processing systems for your EcoCAR2 mission.

Bringing NXT Robots to Life with MATLAB and Simulink 2:18 new
EcoCAR 2 Students and Professors learn how to program Lego NXT Robots in a hands-on workshop.

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