Communications Systems

Communications Systems Measurement and Analysis

MATLAB, Simulink, and related communications products help you quantify and visualize the performance of simulated systems and hardware prototypes. At each step of the design flow, you characterize and analyze:

  • Candidate designs in the early phases of a project, before a final design is chosen
  • Elaborated designs that have been realized in fixed-point algorithms, possibly as target source code
  • Processor-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop prototypes

Measure Real-World Characteristics

Measure communications systems performance using built-in functions such as CCDF, PAPR, ACPR, EVM, and MER. MathWorks test and measurement products let you connect to real-world hardware and use your simulation model as the golden reference for physical verification.

Analyze System Performance

Gain quantitative and qualitative insight into your designs and analyze system performance using built-in communications analysis functions and the full spectrum of MATLAB data analysis and visualization tools.



"The analysis, visualization, and data handling capabilities of MATLAB made validating the functionality and performance much easier. I just don’t know how you would do this kind of work in anything but MATLAB."

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