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Using MATLAB and Simulink in Education – Workshop New

Seminar Overview

With strong roots in academia, The MathWorks tools have been used, over the last 25 years, for teaching and research in the areas of engineering, science, medicine and more recently, Finance and Economics as well as Computational Biology. Today, over 3500 Universities in more than a 100 countries actively use our tools to enhance their teaching and research activities.

Attend this complimentary seminar to find out how you and your colleagues can use MATLAB, Simulink and its add-on products to analyze and visualize data, as well as model and simulate dynamic systems. Sessions will cater to both new and advanced users of MATLAB and Simulink. MathWorks engineers, through various workshop sessions, will demonstrate how you can use the MathWorks tools for data analysis and programming, high performance computing, signal processing and control systems modelling, and production code generation.