Discrete-Event Simulation

Optimize complex processes and distributed systems

Discrete-event simulation with SimEvents® provides capabilities for analyzing and optimizing event-driven communication using hybrid system models, agent-based models, state charts, and process flows.

Within this integrated modeling and data analysis environment, you can:

  • Design distributed control systems, hardware architectures, and sensor and communication networks for aerospace, automotive, and electronics applications
  • Model process flows, perform capacity planning, and optimize supply chains for manufacturing and operations
  • Analyze and optimize end-to-end latencies, throughput, packet loss, and other performance characteristics of communication networks
  • Customize queues, routing algorithms, processing delays, and prioritization schemes
  • Simulate hybrid systems containing time-based, event-based, and agent-based components
  • Simulate event-driven processes, such as mission plans with autonomous agents or the stages of a manufacturing process

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NASA and TriVector Services

NASA and TriVector Services

"Our SimEvents model for Ares I tracks delivery time for approximately 20,000 packets per second across multiple buses, enabling us to validate requirements and identify issues with the timing requirements prior to hardware design."

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12–22 August
Australia and New Zealand