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  • ABB -  ABB Accelerates Application Control Software Development for a Power Electronic Controller
  • Airbus Helicopters -  Airbus Helicopters Accelerates Development of DO-178B Certified Software with Model-Based Design
  • Airnamics -  Airnamics Develops Unmanned Aerial System for Close-Range Filming with Model-Based Design
  • Alcatel-Lucent -  Alcatel-Lucent Develops DPD System for Multicarrier GSM Transceivers with Model-Based Design
  • Alenia Aermacchi -  Alenia Aermacchi Develops Autopilot Software for DO-178B Level A Certification
  • Alstom -  Alstom Generates Production Code for Safety-Critical Power Converter Control Systems
  • Alstom Grid -  Alstom Grid Develops High-Voltage Direct Current Transmission Control System Using Model-Based Design
  • Applied Technology Associates -  Applied Technology Associates Designs Optical Inertial Reference Unit for NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  • BAE Systems - UAV -  BAE Systems Controls Develops Autopilot for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • BAE SYSTEMS CNIR -  BAE SYSTEMS CNIR Develops On-the-Move Antenna Pointing and Stabilization System
  • BAE Systems Surface Ships -  BAE Systems Surface Ships Develops On-Board Trainer Plant Simulation for Royal Navy
  • Bosch eBike Systems -  Bosch eBike Systems Develops Electric Bike Controller with Model-Based Design
  • Centre for Concepts in Mechatronics -  Centre for Concepts in Mechatronics Improves Resolution of Industry-Leading Agfa Printers Using Model-Based Design
  • Cessna Aircraft Company -  Cessna Enhances Antiskid Technology with Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing
  • CNH -  CNH Develops Intelligent Filling System for Forage Harvesters
  • Continental -  Continental Develops Electronically Controlled Air Suspension for Heavy-Duty Trucks
  • DaimlerChrysler -  DaimlerChrysler Designs Cruise Controller for Mercedes-Benz Trucks
  • Dongfeng Motor Company -  Dongfeng Electric Vehicle Develops Battery Management System for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Using Model-Based Design
  • Eaton Corporation (3) -  Eaton Reduces Emissions by 90% for Leading Freight Carrier’s Hybrid Test Delivery Vehicles
  • Electrodynamics Associates -  Electrodynamics Associates Designs High-Performance Generator Controller for the Military
  • Festo -  Festo Develops Innovative Robotic Arm Using Model-Based Design
  • GasTOPS -  GasTOPS Develops and Tests Propulsion Control Algorithms for the USS Makin Island
  • General Motors -  GM Standardizes on Model-Based Design for Hybrid Powertrain Development
  • General Motors Engineering Europe -  GM Engineering Europe Develops HVAC Controller for GM Vehicles Using Model-Based Design
  • Honeywell -  Design Times at Honeywell Cut by 60%
  • Hyundai -  Hyundai Uses Model-Based Design to Accelerate Engine Control Unit Development
  • IAV -  IAV Designs a Universal ECU for On-Target Rapid Prototyping with Code Generation
  • INCOVA Technologies -  INCOVA Designs Intelligent Valve-Control System for a 20-Ton Excavator
  • INTACTON -  INTACTON Deploys Sensor with Production Code Generated by Embedded Coder
  • iSonea -  iSonea Develops Mobile App and Server Software for Wheeze Detection and Asthma Management
  • ITK Engineering -  ITK Engineering Develops IEC 62304–Compliant Controller for Dental Drill Motor with Model-Based Design
  • Iveco -  Iveco Develops a Shift Range Inhibitor System for Mechanical 9- and 16-Speed Transmissions in Six Weeks
  • Jaguar -  Jaguar Reduces Development Costs with Rapid Prototyping and Code Generation
  • KTH Royal Institute of Technology -  KTH Royal Institute of Technology’s CDIO Program Improves Retention Rates and Turns Students into Engineers
  • Lear -  Lear Delivers Quality Body Control Electronics Faster Using Model-Based Design
  • Lockheed Martin Space Systems IRIS -  Lockheed Martin Space Systems Develops GN&C System for IRIS Satellite with Model-Based Design
  • Marquette University -  Marquette University Integrates Model-Based Design into Undergraduate Mechanical Engineering Curriculum
  • Medrad -  Medrad Ensures Safety of MRI Vascular Injection Pump
  • Mitsuba -  Mitsuba Accelerates Development of Reversing Wiper System
  • NASA Hyper-X -  NASA's X-43A Scramjet Achieves Record-Breaking Mach 10 Speed Using Model-Based Design
  • NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory -  NASA Uses Stateflow and Simulink Coder to Generate Fault-Protection Code for Deep Space 1
  • National Aerospace Laboratories -  National Aerospace Laboratories Proves Benefits of Model-Based Design for DO-178B Flight Software Development
  • Océ -  Océ Technologies Develops Perfect Axial Registration for Direct Imaging
  • OHB -  OHB Develops Satellite Guidance, Navigation, and Control Software for Autonomous Formation Flying
  • Ono Sokki -  Ono Sokki Reduces Development Time for Precision Automotive Speed Measurement Device
  • SAIC Motor Corporation -  SAIC Motor Develops Embedded Control System for the Roewe 750 Hybrid Sedan Using Model-Based Design
  • Scania -  Scania Develops Fuel-Saving Driver Support System for Award-Winning Long-Haulage Trucks
  • Swedish Space Corporation - SMART-1 -  ESA's First-Ever Lunar Mission Satellite Orbits Moon with Automatically Generated Flight Code
  • Technische Universität München -  Technische Universität München Uses Model-Based Design to Drive Research, Problem-Based Learning, and Industry Collaboration
  • Toyota (1) -  MATLAB and Simulink Help Toyota Design for the Future
  • Toyota (2) -  Toyota Front-Loads Development of Engine Control Systems Using Comprehensive Engine Models and SIL+M
  • University of Waterloo -  University of Waterloo Develops Award-Winning Fuel Cell Technology Using Model-Based Design
  • VivaQuant -  VivaQuant Accelerates Development and Validation of Embedded Device for Ambulatory ECG Sensing
  • Vodafone -  Vodafone Group Research and Development Accelerates Development of Prototype Onboard Road-Usage Charging System
  • Wartsila -  Wärtsilä Accelerates Engine Control Development Using Production Code Generation
  • Weichai Power -  Weichai Power Develops ECU Software for High-Pressure Common-Rail Diesel Engine In-House
  • Weinmann Medical Technology -  Weinmann Develops Life-Saving Transport Ventilator Using Model-Based Design
  • Xerox -  Xerox Reduces Development Time
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