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Data Manipulation

Add or delete data, manipulate timeseries objects


addsample Add data sample to timeseries object
ctranspose Transpose timeseries object
delsample Remove sample from timeseries object
detrend Subtract mean or best-fit line and all NaNs from timeseries object
filter Shape frequency content of time-series
getabstime Extract date-string time vector into cell array
getinterpmethod Interpolation method for timeseries object
getsampleusingtime Extract data samples into new timeseries object
idealfilter Apply ideal (noncausal) filter to timeseries object
resample Select or interpolate timeseries data using new time vector
setabstime Set times of timeseries object as date strings
setinterpmethod Set default interpolation method for timeseries object
synchronize Synchronize and resample two timeseries objects using common time vector
transpose Transpose timeseries object
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