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events (COM)

List of events COM object can trigger


S =
S = events(h)


S = returns structure array S containing all events, both registered and unregistered, known to the COM object, and the function prototype used when calling the event handler routine. For each array element, the structure field is the event name and the contents of that field is the function prototype for that event's handler.

S = events(h) is an alternate syntax.


List Control Events Example

Create an mwsamp control and list all events:

f = figure ('position', [100 200 200 200]);
h = actxcontrol ('mwsamp.mwsampctrl.2', [0 0 200 200], f);

MATLAB® software displays information similar to:

Click = void Click()
DblClick = void DblClick()
MouseDown = void MouseDown(int16 Button, int16 Shift,
  Variant x, Variant y)
Event_Args = void Event_Args(int16 typeshort, int32 typelong,
  double typedouble, string typestring, bool typebool)

Assign the output to a variable and get one field of the returned structure:

ev =;

MATLAB displays:

ans =
  void MouseDown(int16 Button, int16 Shift, Variant x, Variant y)

List Workbook Events Example

Open a Microsoft® Excel® application and list all events for a Workbook object:

myApp = actxserver('Excel.Application');
wbs = myApp.Workbooks;
wb = wbs.Add;

The MATLAB software displays all events supported by the Workbook object.

	Open = void Open()
	Activate = void Activate()
	Deactivate = void Deactivate()
	BeforeClose = void BeforeClose(bool Cancel)

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COM functions are available on Microsoft Windows® systems only.

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