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Create SOAP message to send to server


message = createSoapMessage(namespace,method,values,names,types,style)


message = createSoapMessage(namespace,method,values,names,types,style) creates a SOAP message based on the values you provide for the arguments. message is a Java® document object model (DOM). To send message to the Web service, use it with callSoapService.

namespaceLocation of the Web service in the form of a valid Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).
methodName of the Web service operation you want to run.
valuesCell array of input you need to provide for the method.
namesCell array of parameters for method.
typesCell array defining the XML data types for values. Specifying style is optional; when you do not include the argument, MATLAB® uses unspecified.
styleStyle for structuring the SOAP message, either 'document' or 'rpc'. Specifying style is optional; when you do not include the argument, MATLAB uses rpc. Use a style supported by the service you specified in namespace.


This example uses createSoapMessage in conjunction with other SOAP functions to retrieve information about books from a library database, specifically, the author's name for a given book title.

    Note:   The example is not based on an actual endpoint; therefore, you cannot run it. The example only illustrates how to use the SOAP functions.

% Create the message:
message = createSoapMessage(...
{'In the Fall'},...
% Send the message to the service and get the response:
response = callSoapService(...
% Extract MATLAB data from the response
author = parseSoapResponse(response)

MATLAB returns:

author = Kate Alvin

where author is a char class (type).

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