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Display number on single line of NXT LCD screen


Simulink Support Package for LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT Hardware


This block displays the value of the block input on the LCD located on the NXT brick. This block lets you enter a label for the value, and select the line of the LCD upon which to display the label/value.

If the value displayed changes faster than the refresh rate of the LCD, the displayed values may be blurry and hard to read.

If the model running on the NXT brick does not use the LCD, the LCD displays a default message that it is running a program.

Avoid configuring other LCD blocks to display information on the same line number.

This block automatically converts the data type of the data it receives. You do not need to perform data-type conversion on the input signals.

If you run a simulation of a model that contains this block without the target hardware, this block does nothing. See Block Produces Zeros or Does Nothing in Simulation.

Use the LCD Display

Use the LCD block to display a number on a single line of the LCD display on the NXT brick

Open the legonxtlib block library and copy the blocks shown to a new model.

Connect the Battery block to the LCD block, as shown.

Prepare and run the model on the NXT brick.

Observe the battery voltage, shown in millivolts, on line 1 of the LCD display.

Double-click the LCD block in your model.

In the block mask that opens, set the Display label parameter to Mv and the Display at line parameter to 3.

Run the model again. On the NXT brick, observe the new label and position of the battery output on the LCD screen.

Dialog Box

Display label (maximum 8 characters)

Enter a prefix or label for the input to display. the LCD displays the prefix to the left of the input value. The prefix cannot be longer than 8 characters. For example, if you are displaying the state of the Button block, enter Button:.

Display at line

Select the line upon which to display the number. Line 1 is at the top of the LCD. Line 8 is at the bottom.

Display format

Select the format of the number. The options are Decimal or Hex (hexadecimal).

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