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What is "Run on Target Hardware"?

Run on Target Hardware is a feature of the Simulink® product that runs a Simulink model on target hardware.

At the time of publication, Simulink software supports the following target hardware:

  • Arduino® Mega 2560, Arduino Uno, and Arduino Nano

  • BeagleBoard Xm, BeagleBoard Bx, and BeagleBoard Cx

  • Gumstix® Overo


  • PandaBoard

  • Raspberry Pi

You can use Support Package Installer to install support for your target hardware, such as:

  • Simulink block libraries

  • Parameters on the Run on Target Hardware pane in the Configuration Parameters dialog

  • Third-party software such as compiler toolchains and software libraries

  • Examples for learning how to use Simulink with the target hardware

For more information about support packages, see Support Packages and Support Package Installer.

For more information about using Simulink software with your target hardware, see:

After installing the appropriate support package, you can run a model on your target hardware using the following menu items under Tools > Run on Target Hardware:

  • Prepare to Run — Configure your model to run on a specific type of target hardware. Clicking Prepare to Run automatically opens the Configuration Parameters dialog, changes the System target file parameter to realtime.tlc, and displays the Run on Target Hardware pane. Then, use the Target hardware parameter to specify the type of target hardware you are using, and save the changes to your model. Clicking Prepare to Run changes the model Configuration Parameters. If you are working with a model that has a configuration you want to preserve, create a backup copy of your model before using clicking Prepare to Run.

  • Options — This menu item opens the Run on Target Hardware pane in the model Configuration Parameters dialog. You can use this pane to specify the target hardware and configure optional settings, such as External mode.

  • Install/Update Support Package — Open Support Package Installer with options for installing support packages.

  • Update Firmware — Open Support Package Installer with options for updating firmware and setting up third-party software.

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