Aerospace Toolbox

Performing Parameter Calculations, Time Calculations, and Quaternion Math

Aerospace Toolbox implements utilities for flight parameter calculations, time calculations, and quaternion math operations, such as the conjugate, division, inverse, and modulus.

The flight parameter utilities let you calculate these common parameters: relative pressure, density, and temperature ratios; equivalent airspeed; calibrated airspeed; Mach number; dynamic pressure; and, for a given geocentric latitude, planet radius. With the time calculation utilities, you can compute Julian dates, decimal year, and leap year.

Aerospace Tbx figure 3

Parasite, induced, and total drag curves (top right) for a Cessna 172 created by using Aerospace Toolbox unit conversion utilities, atmospheric models, and flight parameter calculations (bottom left). The best glide velocity, indicated by an arrow, corresponds to the minimum value of drag on the total drag curve.

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