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dSPACE Calibration System

Calibration, measurement, and diagnostics


  • Same tool for rapid prototyping, ECU calibration, and diagnostics
  • MATLAB® interface for remote control and automation, using COM
  • Compatibility with ASAM-MCD standards (formerly ASAP)
  • Calibration and measurement of parameters by memory emulation, XCP on CAN, XCP on FlexRay


dSPACE Calibration System_image

Parameter calibration has become a key issue in the development of electronic control units (ECUs). With dSPACE® Calibration System, you can fine-tune your actual controllers designed with MATLAB and Simulink® and optimized and tested with a dSPACE prototyping system and dSPACE Simulator®. Simulink models are transferred to dSPACE hardware via code generated by Simulink Coder and dSPACE Real-Time Interface. With its modularity and scalability, the dSPACE Calibration System is adaptable to any conceivable calibration scenario. It also simplifies the switch from other systems, enabling you to continue using legacy data and familiar shortcut keys.

The CalDesk experiment software is the heart of the dSPACE Calibration System. CalDesk has wizards and templates to guide operation and reduce the number of working steps. You can use XML templates to generate the folder structures and basic settings for a project automatically. During the actual calibration task, all calibration-relevant files are also automatically placed in the correct folders. You can adapt the Microsoft® Windows® interface of CalDesk to your needs, for example, by defining your own shortcut keys. In-vehicle operation is supported by features such as keyboard-only operation and audible signals.

Almost any combination of I/O modules and calibration interfaces such as memory emulators, XCP (extended calibration protocol) on CAN, and CAN interfaces can be connected to the host PC. The connection between the host PC and the calibration interfaces can either be direct or run via the Calibration Hub.



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