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App for Image and Video Acquisition

The Image Acquisition app enables you to work with image and video acquisition devices and is well suited for interactive configuration of cameras. You can browse all hardware devices available on your computer, change device settings, select a region of interest (ROI), preview an acquisition, acquire images and video, and record data. A preview window helps verify and optimize your acquisition parameters by automatically reflecting any adjustments made to camera properties in the video stream. The Image Acquisition app serves as a starting point in the development of automated and custom image acquisition and processing systems.

Typical session with the Image Acquisition Tool. You can set up hardware and acquire images and video.

Typical session with the Image Acquisition app. You can set up hardware and acquire images and video.

Session Logging

Session logging lets you track actions performed in the tool with a history of command-line equivalent functions. In situations that require the same configuration and control process for multiple trials and experiments, the session log provides the ability to load settings to a common point and export the code to a programmatic interface in MATLAB for further automation.

Data Logging and Export

You can log data to disk, memory, or both simultaneously with the Image Acquisition app or programmatically at the MATLAB command line. You can set a limit on memory usage to prevent overuse of resources in memory-intensive applications. Data acquired with the tool can also be exported directly to the Image Viewer app in Image Processing Toolbox for greater control over visualization. In addition, you can:

  • Log each image frame or log frames at specified intervals
  • Log data to disk as compressed or uncompressed AVI streams and MAT-files
  • Specify frame rate, compression techniques, and key frame rate for AVI streams
  • Extract single images from a video stream and store them in standard formats, including JPEG 2000, BMP, JPEG, and TIFF
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