Polyspace Bug Finder

Identifying Software Defects with Static Analysis

Polyspace Bug Finder is a static code analysis tool used to analyze code components or entire embedded software projects. Polyspace Bug Finder uses fast static code analysis techniques including formal methods with low false positive rates to pinpoint numerical, dataflow, programming, and other bugs in C or C++ source code.

You can use it to quickly find, triage, and fix bugs. Polyspace Bug Finder performs bug detection and coding rules violations as soon as the code is written, modified, or generated. You can use it to iteratively debug and fix your code early in the development process. Polyspace Bug Finder supports command line invocation, use through a standalone user interface, and use with the Eclipse IDE. You can integrate it into build environments for automated use. Polyspace Bug Finder supports critical activities in a software development workflow, including:

  • Detecting defects
  • Enforcing coding standards
  • Generating code complexity metrics
  • Triaging and fixing defects that have been identified

With Polyspace Bug Finder, you can set up a project and perform static code analysis:

  • Create and set up a project by embedded target and complier
  • Find defects in source code
  • Check code for compliance with MISRA-C:2004, MISRA AC AGC, MISRA-C++:2008, JSF++ (Joint Strike Fighter Air Vehicle C++) standards, or custom naming conventions
  • Produce reports or visualize static code analysis and code compliance results
  • Review cause of defects to determine how to triage and fix identified defects
  • Trace code defects to Simulink blocks or IBM Rational Rhapsody models
  • Upload static analysis results to a web dashboard to monitor software quality trends
Identify defects and check compliance to MISRA or JSF++.
Configuring a project in Polyspace to identify defects and check compliance to MISRA or JSF++.

Polyspace Bug Finder works with Polyspace Code Prover to prove the absence of certain run-time errors in your source code. These products together offer an end-to-end static analysis capability for early-stage development use, that spans bug-finding, code rules checking, and proof. This capability ensures the reliability of embedded software that must operate at the highest levels of software quality and safety.

You can speed up static code analysis by submitting static analysis jobs to computer clusters with Parallel Computing Toolbox™ and the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server™.

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