Simulink Control Design

PID Controller Tuning

Simulink Control Design provides automatic gain-tuning capabilities for Simulink PID Controller blocks. You can accomplish the initial tuning of a PID controller with a single click. The product linearizes a Simulink model to obtain a linear plant model. If the model linearizes to zero due to discontinuities such as pulse width modulation (PWM), you can create a linear plant model from simulation input-output data using system identification (requires System Identification Toolbox™).

The product then uses the linear plant model and a proprietary tuning method to compute the PID gains based on the closed-loop performance that you desire. An initial controller is suggested based on an analysis of your system dynamics. You can then interactively adjust the response time and transient behavior in the PID Tuner. The PID Tuner also provides several plots you can use to analyze the controller behavior. For example, you can use a step reference tracking plot and an open-loop Bode plot to compare the performance of the current design with the design corresponding to initial gain values.

PID Controller Design for a DC Motor 3:53
Design a PID controller for a DC motor modeled in Simulink®. Create a closed-loop system by using the PID Controller block, then tune the gains of PID Controller block using the PID Tuner.

PID Controller Tuning for a Model with Discontinuities 5:40
Design a PID controller for a model that cannot be linearized. Use system identification to identify a plant model from simulation input-output data.

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