Key Features

  • Pump models, including centrifugal, jet, and axial-piston pumps
  • Directional valve models, including check valves and common configurations for 2-, 4-, and 6-way valves
  • Flow and pressure control valve models, including ball, poppet, and pressure relief valves
  • Translational and rotational actuator models, including optional friction and centrifugal forces
  • Tank and pipe models with elevation effects for modeling fluid transportation systems
  • Customizable library of common hydraulic fluids
  • Ability to extend component libraries using the Simscape language
  • Support for C-code generation

Modeling a Hydraulic Actuation System 6:37
Model a hydraulic actuation system. A double-acting hydraulic cylinder controlled by a four-way directional valve is modeled using SimHydraulics® components.

SimHydraulics is used to optimize system-level performance and to create plant models for control design. The models you create support your entire development process, including hardware-in-the-loop simulations.

Hydraulic circuit schematic of a system that contains a gas-charged accumulator and a double-acting cylinder (bottom left). The colored blocks in the associated SimHydraulics model (top right) correspond to the colored elements in the circuit schematic.
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