Simulink Verification and Validation

Analyzing Model Coverage

Simulink Verification and Validation produces model coverage reports to indicate untested elements of your design, such as logical conditions, switches, lookup table interpolation intervals, and subsystems. Published as HTML documents, these reports use industry-standard metrics for structural coverage. They also display coverage information on the model, letting you traverse the model for missing coverage and navigate to the associated requirements. You can then determine whether you need to modify the requirements, test cases, or design to meet your coverage goals.

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Detect untested elements of your design using model coverage in Simulink Verification and Validation™.

Simulink Verification and Validation provides eight model coverage analysis metrics:

Cyclomatic complexity measures the structural complexity of a model, approximating the McCabe complexity measure for code generated from the model.

Decision coverage examines items that represent decision points in a model, such as Simulink Switch blocks and Stateflow states.

Condition coverage examines blocks that output the logical combination of their inputs, such as the Logic block and Stateflow transitions.

Modified condition/decision coverage (MC/DC) analyzes safety-critical software, as defined by RTCA DO-178B, and determines whether the logical inputs have independently changed the output.

Lookup table coverage (LUT) records the frequency of usage for each interpolation interval. (A test case achieves full coverage if it executes each interpolation and extrapolation interval at least once.)

Signal range coverage indicates the minimum and maximum values generated during simulation by each block output and for all Stateflow data objects.

Signal size coverage records the minimum, maximum, and allocated size for all variable-size signals in a model. Only blocks with variable-size output signals are included in the report.

Simulink Design Verifier coverage records model coverage data for the Simulink Design Verifier blocks and functions.

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