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Teaching State Machines and Control Logic with Simulink and Stateflow: Part 1

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This is Part 1 of a three-part webinar series intended for faculty and students involved in teaching and research on:
• Reactive control systems
• Control system logic
• Finite state machines
• Scheduling
• Fault detection
• Event driven systems

Stateflow is a popular tool for modeling and simulating these types of systems in industry. Common uses include diagnostics testing for automotive; guidance, navigation and control for aerospace; and machine logic for industrial robotics.

As a teaching tool Stateflow can be useful to teach concepts such as digital logic, fault management, and path planning found in robotics and mechatronics.

In Part 1, we begin by discussing the foundational elements of Stateflow: states and transitions. We then move onto additional features, such as state entry actions, subcharts, and graphical functions.

Presenter: Michael Carone, MathWorks product marketing manager for Stateflow

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Product Focus

  • Stateflow

Recorded: 23 Mar 2010